Biking from Hangurstoppen

Bring your bike, ride the gondola to the top and go for a bicycle ride! You can either go for a roundtrip and return with the gondola or bicycle all the way to the town centre.

The gondola will carry you and your bike to the top. In four of our gondolas, we have removed the middle seats, so one can easily fit several bikes in each. Please note that both you and your bike have to be clean before you enter Voss Gondol. 

Some of our tickets has bicycles included in the price. If you buy a one-way ticket or a return ticket, you need to pay an extra fee for your bike. Children under 7 years travel for free with the gondola (and bike). 

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Hanguren Panorama

The round tour Hanguren Panorama is perfect for both hiking and biking. This 800 meter long easy trail is situated right outside our top station. You will find several view points along the way. Here, you can also bring a bike trailer.


To Bavallen and Voss town centre, via Tråstølen

If you are looking for a longer ride, try the Familieløypa (gravel and gras) from Hangurstoppen and all the way down to Bavallen. Alternatively, ride down to Tråstølen and follow the road (asphalt) from the cabin area down to Bavallen. 

From Bavallen, you will follow the asphalt road all the way down to Voss town centre. 

This slope is suitable for families with older children, as it requires a good amount of braking and parts of the route does not have a sidewalk (you need to bike on the road).

Bike rental

The tourist information, located by the lower station at Voss Gondol, has bike rental througout the summer. You can also check with Outdoor Norway for bike rental and guiding.