Find the answer to your question about Voss Gondol! Below is a list of our frequently asked questions. 

Can I bring my dog to the gondola?

Yes – absolutely! We do not charge any extra for dogs. Please remember to keep your dog on a leash and that dogs are not allowed inside the restaurant (we have seating areas outside). 


Do we need to book tickets in advance?

No, you can buy your tickets when you arrive. However, if you want to save time in the ticket line, we recommend that you buy your tickets online. During peak hours, we can experience long ticket lines at our ticket office, so keep in mind that you can also purchase tickets on our ticket machines. 

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Can I bring a wheelchair to the gondola? 

Yes – definitely! We can adjust the speed when entering and exiting the gondola cabins. Further, we have lifts on both the lower and top station, to easily bring you between the building’s floors.

You can also access Hangurstoppen Restaurant with a wheelchair, in addition to our beautiful hiking trail, Hanguren Panorama.


How many of the gondola cabins allow bicycles? 

We have to gondola cabins for bicycles; nr 4 (Lønahorgi) and nr 9 (Hangur). They are 8.5 and 11 minutes apart. In theese two cabins we have removed the middle seats, so one can easily fit several bikes in each of them. Please note that both you and your bike needs to be clean before you enter Voss Gondol. 

If you purchase a one way or round trip ticket, you need to pay a fee to bring your bike. Bike is included in our day pass, season pass and all-year pass.


Can I buy just one trip with the gondola or do I need a season pass?   

You can buy tickets for as many trips as you’d like! You can buy a one way ticket to go one way once, a round trip ticket to go up and down or a pass that allows you to go multiple times. We have several options!

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Where can I find the menu for Hangurstoppen Restaurant?

The menu at Hangurstoppen Restaurant is based on local and seasonal ingredients. Therefore, the menu will vary from day to day! A little different and exciting, don’t you think? Come and try! 

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I have two hours in Voss – can I make a trip with Voss Gondol?

Yes! The gondola use approx 8.8 minutes each way when operating normally. We have 9 gondola cabins running continiously, with a capacity of 34 people in each. Hence, usually there is not a lot of time waiting. Keep in mind that the ticket line might be longer during peak hours, so in order to save time; buy your ticket online before you arrive or at one of our ticket machines. 

Please note! Be aware that we might stop the gondola for shorter or longer periods of time during certain weather circumstances (thunder and lightning) or if we experience technical errors. It is the guests own responsibility to evaluate if there is enough time to make a trip with Voss Gondol.

See more about how to buy tickets


Didn’t find the answer to your question? 

Please have a look around our website – most of the information can be found here. 
If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us at post@vossgondol.no, +47 4700 4700 or at our Facebook Page.