Prices and tickets

Voss Gondol

Below, you’ll find a quick guide to find the ticket that suits you best. Scroll futher down for our price list. 

Round trip, one-way and daypass ticket: 
If you are you planning on riding the gondola only once/one day. 
Buy round trip, one-way or daypass here

All-year pass: 
If you use the ski resort a lot, but also want to have access to the gondola during the rest of the year! This pass includes a season pass for the ski resort and access to the gondola througout the entire year. Valid one year from purchase date. 

We also have an all-year pass only for the gondola (this card has to be purchased at the ticket office).
Buy your all-year pass incl. ski pass here

Season pass: 

If you  want to use the gondola only during summer or winter, but know that you will use it a lot.
Buy your season pass here


Dog, bicycle and paragliders: 

Feel free to bring your dog, bike and paraglider in the gondola! Please note that you need to pay extra for your bicyle if you buy a one way or round trip ticket. Also note that you can bring your dog to the gondola, but dogs are not allowed in the restaurant. We have seating areas outside if you wish to sit outside with your dog. 


Where can I buy tickets?

The majority of our tickets can be purchased online. This can save you a lot of time in the ticket line. If you buy a round trip or one way ticket online, you can skip the ticket line and go straight to the ticket gate.

You can also purchase your ticket when you arrive, at our ticket machines or ticket office. 

More about how to buy tickets here


If you buy a ski pass, the gondola ticket is included. 


All-year pass

Gondola ticket Adult Child (7 – 17 yrs) / 
All-year pass (incl. ski pass and bike) 6800,- 5800,- 17400,- **
All-year pass (only gondola) 4750,- 2950,-  

Please note: Children under the age of 7 years get a free all-year pass (need a keycard), providing that a guardian, parents, grandparents, aunt/uncle have an all-year pass.


1. desember 19 – 30. april 2020

All ski passes includes gondola tickeT

Gondola ticket Adult

Child (4 – 15 yrs)

Roundtrip 395,- 260,- 995,- *
One way 295,- 180,- 735,- *
Gondola ticket Adult Child (7 – 17 yrs) / 
Season pass (gondola only) 1950,- 1950,-  
Ski pass, incl. gondola ticket Adult Child (7 – 17 yrs) / 
Day pass (incl. ski pass) 455,- 355,-  
Morning pass (incl. ski pass) 405,- 305,-  
Afternoon pass (incl. ski pass) 405,- 305,-  
Evening pass (incl. ski pass) 395,- 305,-  
Season pass (incl. ski pass) 5200,- 4200,- 14900,- **
Sesongkort midweek (incl. ski pass) 3800,- 2600,-  
Extra child     120,- *
Key card 60,- 60,- 60,-

See all ski passes at

All prices in NOK. 

 * Family ticket roundtrip and one-way: includes 2 adults and 2 children. Additional children = NOK 120,- 

** Family ticket season pass and all-year pass: includes 2 adults and all children up to and including 18 years, living at the same adress.

Please note:

  • Children under the age of 7 years get a free all-year pass (need a keycard), providing that a guardian, parents, grandparents, aunt/uncle have an all-year pass.
  • Group discount: applies when more than 15 people in one booking. Please contact us at for group bookings. 
  • Season passes and all-year passes are personal and cannot be used by other than the registrered owner.
  • Tickets and lift passes that can not be used due to bad weather or poor conditions, are not refunded.
  • Lost tickets and lift passes will not be replaced. 
  • Tickets and lift passes are only valid during the day or season when purchased (hence, not the following day, season).