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Hangurstoppen Restaurant is, with its seating capacity for 450 people and two floors, Voss’ largest restaurant and aprés ski. 


Here, we will serve you homemade meals, based on local ingredients from several farms in and around Voss.
Our menu is based on the simple and rustic, combined with great flavours.  
Due to our high focus on local ingredients, the menu changes every day!

The large outdoor-area and generous windows provide a good view of the natural surroundings and mountains at the top.

Our Menu

At Hangurtoppen Restaurant we put great emphasis on homemade and local food. Here, we will serve you meals with ingredients from several local farmers. 

Our menu therefore varies during the season, and we do not have a fixed menu. A bit different, but quite exciting, don’t you think? 


Come and try our hot and cold dishes, with something refreshing to drink! 

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Meetings & Groups

We welcome companies, groups and organisations to Hangurstoppen Restaurant. 

Here, you’ll find conference and meeting facilities for approx. 50 people.


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Welcome to Hangurstoppen Restaurant! / +47 4700 4700