Special Occasions at Hangurstoppen Restaurant

We can arrange all sorts of special events and parties; weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas parties and more. 

The gondola ride gives you an easy access to Hangurstoppen Restaurant, at 820 masl. 

Inside, the many, large windows provide a spectacular, panoramic view of the mountains that surround Voss. On warm days, one can also use the outside area. 

A nice, unique and sligthly different event venue in Voss. 


Dining & bar

Hangurstoppen Restaurant has a significant focus on local and homemade food. We collaborate with several local suppliers for both food and beverage, and the menu will consist of dishes with seasonal ingredients.

If you want to arrange a party, we will put together a private menu for you. You can choose between:

  • 3 courses: from NOK 545,-
  • 4 courses: from NOK 665,-
  • 5 courses: from NOK 760,-


Opening hours

For larger parties and events, we may be able to extend our opening hours for both the gondola and restaurant. Please contact us for more information regarding this. 

Our ordinary opening hours can be found here.


Contact us

Please send us an email