For all accommodation, lift passes, activities, purchase of other products or services or a combination of these. 


These general conditions apply between Voss Gondol, Voss Resort Bavallstunet, Voss Resort Fjellheisar, Voss Resort Hangurstoppen and/or Voss Resort Skiskule-Skileige and parties, who directly or through a third party, enters into an agreement with Voss Gondol, Voss Resort Bavallstunet, Voss Resort Fjellheisar, Voss Resort Hangurstoppen and/or Voss Resort Skiskule-Skileige based on the current confirmation (guest). The agreement will apply to all accommodation, lift passes, purchase of other products and services or a combination of these. 

Organizer accommodation:
Voss Resort Bavallstunet AS, Bavallstunet 26, N-5710 Skulestadmo, Norway 
Org. number: 977 172 926, email: post@vossresort.no, phone: +47 4700 4700 

Organizer lift passes:
Voss Resort Fjellheisar AS, Bavallstunet 27, N-5710 Skulestadmo, Norway 
Org. number: 959 031 517, email: fjellheisar@vossresort.no, phone: +47 4700 4700 

Organizer tickets for the gondola: 
Voss Gondol AS, Stasjonsvegen 3, N-5700 Voss, Norway 
Org. number: 916 271 557, email: post@vossgondol.no, phone: +47 4700 4700 

Organizer serving: 
Voss Resort Hangurstoppen AS, Stasjonsvegen 3, N-5700 Voss, Norway 
Org. number: 918 905 405, email: post@vossgondol.no, phone: +47 4700 4700 

Organizer activities: 
Voss Resort Skiskule-Skileige AS, Bavallstunet 27, N-5700 Voss, Norway 
Org. number: 992 138 939, email: skishop@vossresort.no, phone: +47 4700 4700 



Before making a final order the subscriber shall read and familiarize themselves with important information about the product concerned. The subscriber is responsible for ensuring that the purchase is in accordance with their own wishes. Further, the subscriber is responsible for ensuring that information on the confirmation (sent as e-mail only) is in accordance with the order. 


After correctly having executed the online payment you will receive a receipt by e-mail. The receipt will contain all the details of your purchase and can be brought to the ski resort. 

Please note that the order is not completed and not valid in the following cases: 
* If the subscriber has not received any email with the receipt or booking confirmation/booking number. 
* If the card payment is canceled for various reasons and payment fails. 
* If the payment is not accurate or complete so that the amount is not deducted from the account. Thus the provisional reservation will be cancelled after a short time and the trade is invalid. 

If in doubt about your order is correctly processed. Please do not hesitate to contact us. 


If taxes and fees change, thus leading to an increase in costs for providers after the order is completed and paid, the price may be increased correspondingly to the order. The price change shall be notified immediately. 


Extraordinary events or circumstances outside the parties’ control, such as flooding, war, strike action, rebellion, blockade, robbery, epidemic and natural disasters that could prevent one of the parties from performing their obligations, exempt said party from liability for indemnification. It is a condition that the party affected by the force majeure event could neither have foreseen it when he or she entered into the contract nor had any reasonable ability to avoid or overcome the obstacle and the consequences thereof. 


Guests should contact Voss Resort/Voss Gondol if they have any complaints about the event booked. If the guest and Voss Resort/Voss Gondol cannot arrive at a negotiated settlement, any dispute relating to agreements previously entered into shall be resolved in Bergen District Court. 



Unless otherwise is agreed, the accommodation unit is ready for check-in from 16:00 on the day of arrival and check-out by 12:00 noon on the day of departure. 


A booking is valid and binding as soon as a booking number is assigned and payment is made. It is the guest's responsibility to check that the arrival and departure date, as well as any other details regarding the booking, is correct. 


Guests can pay securely and easily by debit and credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro). Guests must bring the payment confirmation upon arrival. An invoice fee of NOK 75,- will apply if invoice is issued. 

For online booking, the guest will be charged the full amount upon booking. 


All cancellations must be sent in writing to Voss Resort Bavallstunet: post@vossresort.no. 
For cancellations more than 3 days prior to arrival, 75% of the total amount is refunded. 
For cancellations less than 3 days prior to arrival or in the event of no-show, no refund will be given. 
In case of late check-in, early check-out or if you do not complete your stay for any reason, no amount for outstanding nights will be refunded. 
Changes to the arrival and / or departure date must be sent to post@vossresort.no. 
Voss Resort Bavallstunet has the right to change the terms and conditions of the accommodation unit, given that guest can be offered an equivalent alternative/service. 


In order to book / enter into an agreement with Voss Resort Bavallstunet regarding accommodation, the responsible guest must be minimum 23 years old. If the age limit is not met on check-in, cancellation rules will apply. 

Between 23:00 and 07:00, guests are obliged to keep the noise level to a minimum. If unacceptable noise levels cause disturbance for our other guests, prosecution will be taken. In such situations, the rental amount is not refundable. Violation of the smoking laws will result in a cleaning fee of NOK 6000. Pets are allowed in on some of our units at a small additional cost. Please contact us when booking or prior to arrival to check whether or not pets are allowed in the accommodation unit. 

Guests are responsible for damage to buildings or inventory. Guests are obliged to pay the landlord for additional costs due to the damage. In terms of cleaning, guests are obliged to clean the unit according to the cleaning instructions before departure. If this is not approved by the cleaning staff, Voss Resort Bavallstunet will charge the guest a fee, depending on the size of the accommodation. 
All keys for the accommodation must be returned to the reception at departure. Failure to return all keys will result in a fee for the guest of up to NOK 3500,- for replacement of locks or a fee of NOK 200,- per keycard. 

Any complaints during your stay should be submitted to Voss Resort Bavallstunet immediately and no later than 11.00 the day after arrival. We recommend that guests report any problems immediately, to help insure that action can be taken to resolve the problem and to relieve any discomfort to the guest. Please not that if a complaint is not submitted within 11.00 the day after arrival, the guest will lose the right to claim any refund or replacement. 
Car parking is at designated areas and are parked at your own risk. 



Purchase of a lift ticket requires that you have a keycard. You can either use an existing card or buy a new. The card is personal and at the bottom of the card is a keycard number (eg 01-1614 7200 2500 3445 8000-01) that must be used in our online payment solution to recharge keycards with the desired lift ticket.

All children aged 0-6 years must have a keycard. This also applies although children aged 0 - 6 can ski for free when accompanied by parents or guardians. 

The season pass, all year pass and 10 day pass is a personal ticket, and photo on the pass is required. Photos can be uploaded at the ticket office in Bavallen or in the reception in Bavallstunet. Please note that the season pass is for personal use only and that the pass cannot be used by anyone other than the registered user. If the season pass is being misused, a NOK 1500,- penalty is given and the card may be confiscated. 

By disruption, abuse and use of lift pass we refer to the ski lifts association (ALF) No. 8/99 GUIDELINES OF SKI PASS 


We use a payment solution from Netaxept and you can pay with Visa or Mastercard. Third party will not have access to your personal information or credit card number. Netaxept uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) when transferring personal information. SSL creates a secure (encrypted) connection between your computer and Netaxept. In this way information is transmitted safely without unauthorized access. The fulfillment is being handled by Elavon and this gives you a safe and secure shopping. 


When purchasing tickets on the internet the buyer as according to the Norwegian Right to Reimbursement Act §8 the right to cancel or refund. The deadline for using the right of withdrawal is 14 days after the purchase. The right of withdrawal applies only to cards that have not been used. Cards that are used are not refundable. If a consumer wants to make use of the right of withdrawal, this must be notified to Voss Resort within 14 days of purchase, by phone or email. The buyer bears any costs for returning the lift card. There are no cancellation rights on packages and promotions that contains fixed dates. Or with a lift ticket on a specific date attached to an event. The Right to Reimbursement Act does not apply to the sale of lift tickets from ordinary retail outlets, for example sales from a ticket office ore a vending machine. 

Tickets and lift passes that can not be used due to technical challenges bad weather, poor conditions or other unexpected issues, are not refunded. Lost tickets and lift passes will not be replaced. 

In case of illness or injury the customer may be entitled to a prorated refund of expenses for the time the card could not be used. Injury or illness shall, on request be documented by a medical certificate. The keycard should be returned as quickly as possible. Ref guidelines of ski lifts association (ALF) 




Our standard terms and conditions apply unless otherwise agreed in writing. 


Our prices are binding, but we reserve the right to adjust the prices in the offer as a result of higher costs relating to the purchase of goods and/or services, higher taxes and/or public charges, or other circumstances outside the company’s control. 


Billing in arrears must be agreed in writing beforehand. A routine credit check of the client will always be performed. 

In the event of invoiced payment, the client must supply a BRN and invoice address. The client is responsible for providing any other information that must appear on the invoice, such as project no., department name, etc. Invoices fall due for payment after 10 days. In the event of late payment, we will calculate overdue payment interest at the rate stipulated by law. 


If each guest at a group event is to pay an individual share of the cost, the booker/organiser is responsible for ensuring that Hangurstoppen Restaurant and the individual participant are made aware of this. The organiser/booker is jointly and severally liable for any claim not paid by participants. Joint and several liability applies generally to any claim for indemnification. 


Additional orders immediately before or during an event will be charged to the organiser/client or to the individual participant in accordance with our general terms and conditions, at the agreed price or at our standard price, if the product is not included in the original offer. 

Additional orders placed by the course leader, contact person or members of the organiser’s leadership will be charged to the organiser and not the individual participant unless otherwise specifically agreed. The same applies to orders relating to the performance of the course/event, such as conference room facilities, etc, that may be placed by any of the participants. 


Clients who cancel up to 1 week before the date of the event booked will be billed 50 per cent of the agreed price. Should the client cancel after this, or in the event of a no-show, they will be charged the full price. 

Only cancellations notified in writing will be considered valid. Clients will be charged the agreed price in line with the booking should an event be cancelled after the deadlines or outside of the scope specified above. 


  • The same menu must be chosen when booking for groups of more than 15 people. Relevant menus will be sent out in advance by Hangurstoppen Restaurant. 
  • Information regarding food intolerances or other special requirements / allergies that must be catered for specifically must be provided no later than 4pm on the date of arrival. We reserve the right to levy an additional charge of NOK 150 per person if such information is provided after this deadline and this causes us additional work. We ask for your understanding in this matter. 
  • All reservations must have a contact person with a valid phone number, billing address and email address. 
  • Tables reserved for groups will be kept for no more than 30 minutes after the time booked. 
  • In the event that a group of 15 or more people is a no-show, the food will still be billed. 
  • Table reservations must be cancelled by 4pm on the day before.  
  • Any change in the number of people in the group must be notified no later than 2pm on the same day as the reservation date. 
  • Parties must pay the amount due before they leave the restaurant, unless otherwise agreed in advance with Hangurstoppen Restaurant’s management. 
  • Table reservations for groups of more than 6 people must be cancelled no later than 48 hours before the date booked to avoid billing. 




Before a booking is finalised, you must read and familiarise yourself with important 
information about the product concerned. The person making the booking is responsible for ensuring the purchase matches their own wishes with respect to the date, the number of people and the activity for which the ticket has been booked. Note that with respect to activities organised by Voss Gondol/Voss Resort Skiskule-Skileige AS, the purchase is valid only for the day for which the activity has been booked. 

  • Bookings for activities and events are binding once the payment transaction has been approved. Look after the printout. 
  • For booking cancelled 10–20 days before the activity or event, we refund 50 per cent of the sales price.   
  • For bookings cancelled 2–9 days before the activity or event, we refund 30 per cent of the sales price.  
  • For bookings cancelled 1 day before the activity or in the event of a no-show, no refund is made.  
  • No compensation or refunds are given for tickets to activities or events affected by unforeseen operating interruptions, bad weather, power outages, etc.  
  • If you cancel your booking for an activity or event on the grounds of ill health/injury, you must produce a medical certificate. We refund 90 per cent of the sales price as long as we are notified more than 1 day before the start of the event. Please also check your own travel insurance, which may cover this issue. 
  • No compensation or refunds are given for tickets to activities or events affected by unforeseen operating interruptions, bad weather, power outages, etc.  
  • Bookings must be cancelled in writing  

GROUP BOOKINGS (more than 5 people) 

Separate guidelines apply to group bookings for activities and events organised by Voss Gondol/Voss Resort Skiskule-Skileige AS 

  • Cancellation 21 days before the date of the activity booked: Full refund – 100 per cent of the total sales price.  
  • Cancellation 10–20 days before the date of the activity booked: We refund 30 per cent of the total sales price. 
  • Cancellation 2–9 days before the date of the activity booked: We refund 50 per cent of the total sales price. 
  • Cancellation 1 day before the date of the activity booked or in the event of a no-show: No refund given. 
  • Separate guidelines apply to changes in the number of group participants, since this depends on the type of activity or event concerned and the size of the group. These terms and conditions are set out in detail in the written offer between post@vossgondol.no and the client.  


We use the payment solution provided by Netaxept and you can pay by Visa or Mastercard. Third parties will not have access to your personal data, since Netaxept makes use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) when transferring personal data. SSL creates an encrypted connection between your machine and Netaxept. In this way, information can be safely transferred without any third parties being able to read it in transit. The actual transaction is processed by Elavon, which provides you with a safe and secure purchase. 


The right of cancellation does not apply to activities, events or catering to be performed on a specific date. The purchaser is liable for any costs relating to the return of ski lift / gondola tickets. Norway’s Cancellation Act does not apply to the sale of ski lift / gondola tickets from ordinary sales outlets, such as sales from ticket windows or machines. For further details, see the section on ski lift / gondola tickets.